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Zeitgeist Festival 2021

Zeitgeist 2021Zeitgeist Festival 2021 will take place on the 20th of August in Kultūratelpa M/Darbnīca located on Aristida Briāna street 9.

Musician and poet Charlie Vasquez will make the festival's grand opening, accompanied by Madara Lapiņa's (aka ArtOfMad - https://artofmad.com/) visual art performance. Charlie's musical expression is utter of saturated dynamics. DSC04686The evident ethnic influences in Charlie's performances take the audience back to the roots; they resemble the sound of our mother earth and enact as a powerful driving force that urges your body to move in the dance.

The Bad Tones LIVE by Marts LavrinovicsSecond in the line up are The Bad Tones - nature and blues driven psychedelic rock quartet from Riga, characterised by dreamy guitars and wavy vocals. On the guitar, keys and vocal - Edvards Broders, behind the drums and supporting vocal - Kalvis Sležis, guitar, occasional keys and vocal - Rūdolfs Ozols, bottom end bass and the waviest vocal - Alberts Levics.

IMG 6942Up next you will witness a very raw, emotion and thought provoking performance called “Let Me Live My Fantasies” by The Crew dance group to the musical accompaniment of Leo Novus on modular synths. Their captivating theatrical dance-piece comes together as a powerful fusion of body movements, voice and electronic sound.

This is a process-orientated performance, which means, it is not about serving you a perfect dinner, but letting you see the love-making and friction, trying to solve hidden questions and exposing topics that the mainstream society is silencing.

The festival will be concluded with a jam that is open for everyone who is willing to join.
Zeitgeist Festival is all about embracing various art forms and genres, hence what you will see is going to be a diverse mix of many influences that will captivate your eyes and ears.

See you at the Zeitgeist Festival!

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